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IAMX Metanoia
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On his sixth album IAMX mixes pop with sometimes harsh electronics. A pretty driving experience.

"When I was looking for a word to describe the last two years of my life, the turmoil and mental struggle, the word Metanoia kept showing up. I feel like it embodies perfectly the message behind the album. I use it in the context of a Jungian psychological transformation. The breakdown of the constructed self through a process of despair, depression and encounter with the inner void. This of course can lead to questions of spirituality, but it’s important that it’s not taken in sense of a religious conversion. I am in no way religious. It’s the psychology that fascinates me."

Release date for Metanoia is on Oct 02, 2015. It will be released via . The stream is delivered via Popmatters. Also check out our IAMX artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of IAMX.

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