Sarah Kirkland Snider - Unremembered
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Sarah Kirkland Snider - Unremembered

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Whenever an album manages to excite and challenge me at the same time, I could cry. You must meet this "Unremembered" album.

The album is composer Sarah Kirkland Snider's new song cycle featuring Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), Padma Newsome, DM Stith and five more supporting vocalists. It's based on poetry by Nathaniel Bellows.

Release date for Unremembered is on 04 September 2015 via . The stream is delivered via Popmatters. Also check out the artist profile of Sarah Kirkland Snider where you can find more photos, tour dates in your area, links to the official Facebook page and more.

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Unremembered tracklist

1. Prelude
2. The Estate
3. The Barn
4. The Guest
5. The Slaughterhouse
6. The Girl
7. The Swan
8. The Witch
9. The River
10. The Speakers
11. The Orchard
12. The Song
13. The Past

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