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LATEST Jazz album streams

Album stream, Jazz

Chris Schlarb Psychic Temple II

His name could be from a splatter B movie: But his music - jazz in parts - must be taken as a first row effort. Stream "Psychic Temple II" now.

Album stream, Jazz

Aaron Neville My True Story

Doo-Wop all the way, baby! Legendary Aaron Neville records a...Doo-Wop'n'R'n'B album...why not, I ask!?

Album stream, Jazz

Luca Sapio Who Knows

Jazz 'n Blues 'n Luca Sapio makes a very fine mixture that needs to be listened to at once.

Album stream, Jazz

Diana Krall Glad Rag Doll

Listen to Diana Krall's new album Glad Rag Doll, which is inspired by music from the 20s and 30s.