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Meklit We Are Alive

"We are alive" by Meklit from San Francisco is two things. A) absolutely stunning and B) not to be put into a genre. So consider my try a technical necessity.

Album stream, Jazz

John Sinclair Mohawk

Listen to John Sinclair putting his poetry over Jazz tunes on "Mohawk". It's a rich experience indeed.

Album stream, Jazz

Thelonious Monk Paris 1969

Head over to NPR and stream the "Paris 1969" live album from Thelonious Monk in its entirety. Plus read about it!

Album stream, Jazz

The Necks Open

If you want to get lost in a calm 70 minutes improvisation soundscape, then "Open" by The Necks is THE album for you.

Album stream, Jazz

Land Of Kush The Big Mango

Holy moly! This is neither rock nor classic nor jazz but something in between. Don't hit me if you think it's...just something else.

Album stream, Jazz

Gregory Porter Liquid Spirit

If you don't know this guy yet, click here, jump right over to the stream of "Liquid Spirit", grab a glass of wine and light the oven.

Album stream, Jazz

Derrick Hodge Live Today

"Live Today" is that result you get, when you stick a bunch of brilliant musicians, composers, producers into one room and see what happens.