Upcoming music album releases

Since July 10th 2015 new music albums are globally released on a friday. People call it the "New Music Friday" and of course social networks like Twitter jump on it via the #newmusicfriday Hashtag.

This also means that we're able to list album releases for the whole world to see on this page. You can view forthcoming album releases by artist on the calender for upcoming music and find out which ones are officially streaming in full before their actual release.

The albums are sorted chronologically, so if you want to know which albums will be released next friday and which of these can be listened to alreay now, just scroll down and have fun! Also if you like this calendar share it - and if you have suggestions how to improve it, let us know!

March 2017 Releases

03 March 2017
World Eater
Freedom Is Free
Last Place
The Night Land
17 March 2017
The Obsessives
31 March 2017

You can already stream a lot of albums from upcoming friday. Check out which ones below and be ahead of the crowd!

Emperor of Sand
A Hairshirt of Purpose

April 2017 Releases

21 April 2017
28 April 2017
A Place Where There’s No Pain

May 2017 Releases

05 May 2017
in•ter a•li•a
in•ter a•li•a
19 May 2017
One More Light