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Members of the Melvins (Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover), At The Drive-In (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) and Le Butcherettes (Teri Gender Bender) have formed the roaring new rock band, Crystal Fairy.

We have labelled Crystal Fairy with our editor's choice badge, which means we totally dig the record. Make sure you listen to it at least once. Crystal Fairy will be available on Feb 24, 2017. It will be released via . You can stream it via Rolling Stone. Also check out our Crystal Fairy artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Crystal Fairy. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Crystal Fairy'.

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Crystal Fairy tracklist

1. Chiseler
2. Drugs on the Bus
3. Necklace Of Divorce
4. Moth Tongue
5. Crystal Fairy
6. Secret Agent Rat
7. Under Trouble
8. Bent Teeth
9. Posesión
10. Sweet Self
11. Vampire X-Mas

'Crystal Fairy' Reviews

We currently know 12 reviews for "Crystal Fairy" by Crystal Fairy. The album received pretty solid reviews among the critics and is one of the better ones this year.

"Crystal Fairy is a solid and impressive album from start to finish."

80 %
"The Crystal Fairy debut self-titled LP certainly feels like it was made in a flash. The eleven tracks speed by, flipping from riff to riff, track to track. In fact, the whole album has such an impulsive energy, it almost feels like it was recorded in a single, continuous take... and that’s a good thing."

80 % (Staff)
"It's impressive stuff, and that it feels like the work of a much more seasoned crew of bandmates suggests that they had as much fun making it as the listener will have devouring it."

80 % AllMusic
"Crystal Fairy plays to the strengths of the band members and doesn’t get insanely weird but nonetheless delivers on all fronts. This is just a top notch rock album, any way you slice it."

80 % PopMatters
"Like Iommi jamming with Bonham, Melvins duo Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover lay down the uncompromising riff-rock they’ve been prolifically perfecting since the 80s. Mars Volta axeman Omar Rodriguez- Lopez is the most muted talent present, resigned as he is to bulldozing basslines, so you’ll find none of his trademark proggy noodling here, which is probably for the best. And Gender Bender? Her fierce vocal dexterity channels the spirits of Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, KatieJane Garside, Donita Sparks and even Russell Mael."

80 % Record Collector
"Unsurprisingly, it sounds exactly like Teri Gender Bender fronting The Melvins--a fascinating concept in theory that turns out to be deliriously satisfying in practice."

80 % Revolver
"It’s the Le Butcherettes vocalist’s sheer power that makes Crystal Fairy feel less like a Melvins offshoot and more like its own entity."

80 % The Skinny
"Coming from such a creative bunch, the straightforward character of Crystal Fairy is surprising, but the strong, pre-existing rapport between its two pairs of players helps."

77 % Pitchfork
"Though there are near misses on Crystal Fairy (like the riffs that don’t quite reach heavy metal territory in “Secret Agent Rat” or the teeth-gritting introduction of “Under Trouble” that does more to incite annoyance than apprehension), the album succeeds far more than it falls short."

75 % Consequence of Sound
"Not the most essential thing ever, but then does anyone ever NEED fried cuts of pork? No, but you’ll devour it anyway. Hence, this album."

70 % Drowned In Sound
"Genderbender is a born star, charisma dripping from every syllable, while The Melvins’ trademark heaviness complements and contrasts her bohemian, dramatic delivery like sea salt in caramel. This fairy wears boots and is ready to kick ass."

70 % Classic Rock Magazine
"Teri Gender Bender's vocals are the star and the driving force here, pretty much the only truly engaging element."

50 % Exclaim

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