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Guided By Voices Please Be Honest
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"Please be honest" isn't really a Guided By Voices reunion album as frontman Robert Pollard played all the instruments on his own. Do you still like it?

Please Be Honest will be available on Apr 22, 2016. It will be released via . You can stream it via Stereogum. Also check out our Guided By Voices artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Guided By Voices. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Please Be Honest'.

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Please Be Honest tracklist

1. “My Zodiac Companion”
2. “Kid on A Ladder”
3. “Come on Mr. Christian”
4. “The Grasshopper Eater”
5. “Glittering Parliaments”
6. “The Caterpillar Workforce”
7. “Sad Baby Eyes”
8. “The Quickers Arrive”
9. “Hotel X (Big Soap)”
10. “I Think A Telescope”
11. “Please Be Honest”
12. “Nightmare Jamboree”
13. “Unfinished Business”
14. “Defeatist’s Lament”
15. “Eye Shop Heaven”

Guided By Voices tour dates:

07/28 - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
07/29 - Chicago, IL @ Unknown venue
08/16 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Woodward Theater
08/17 - Aurora, IL @ Castle Theatre
08/19 - Twin Cities, MN @ Hilde Performance Center
08/20 - Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
08/31 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
09/01 - New York, NY @ House of Independents
09/08 - Wilmington, DE @ Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats
09/09 - New York, NY @ Brooklyn Hangar

'Please Be Honest' Reviews

We currently know 6 reviews for "Please Be Honest" by Guided By Voices. People have mixed feelings about the record but in general seem to like it.

"While Please Be Honest can’t quite rank with the best of Guided By Voice’s output, it’s a solid, rewarding record that more than lives up to the band’s namesake."

83 % The A.V. Club
"Much of Please Be Honest is filled with mid-tempo material, but unlike his recent work, Pollard seems obsessed with guitar textures and vocal effects here, making Please Be Honest an intriguing success."

80 % Exclaim
"As a celebration of GbV's core virtues, Please Be Honest really does honor the sound of the band as much as the skills of its frontman and founder."

70 % AllMusic
"Please Be Honest certainly has its charms. But for the first time in Pollard’s career, Guided by Voices isn’t the main event--which, for the band’s legions of fans, is surely a loss."

59 % Pitchfork
"Taken on its own, it’s a fine if not slightly disappointing work. But looked at within his prolific catalog, it paints a picture of a musician who will never stop experimenting and will likely continue to make music until he physically can’t anymore."

58 % Consequence of Sound
"If you’re deeply invested in the Guided by Voices catalogue this record won’t disappoint you. You’re getting exactly what they’re selling. If there’s not much to the album past that point, well, that doesn’t have to matter so terribly."

40 % PopMatters

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