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Willis Earl Beal - Noctunes

Noctunes (Album stream)

Willis Earl Beal isn't the artist who's music you listen to en passant. It demands your attention - so does his new album "Noctunes", which is streaming now.

Willis Earl Beal - Experiments In Time

Experiments In Time (Album stream)

Oh boy, there it is. Willis Earl Beal's "Experiments In Time" album, which haunted me since the "Travelling Eyes" song appeared back in June. Lo Fi blues at it's best.

Willis Earl Beal - Until We Die

Until We Die (Song stream)

When Willis Earl Beal starts to sing, it's like the world comes to a stop and everyone has got to listen. Check out his new song "Until We Die".

Willis Earl Beal - Traveling Eyes

Traveling Eyes (Song stream)

Willis Earl Beal's girlfriend must be like "SING TO ME!!!" all the time. Man, that guy's got a voice! Listen to the new song "Traveling Eyes" from his upcoming new album now.

Willis Earl Beal - Curious Cool

Curious Cool (Album stream)

Is that the official new album? Whatever it is, it's new material by Willis Earl Beal. Stream "Curious Cool" via Pigeons and Planes.

Willis Earl Beal - A Place That Doesn’t Exist

A Place That Doesn’t Exist (Album stream)

Where did that one come from? Willis Earl Beal streams a new album called "A Place That Doesn’t Exist" as a surprise. Well, thanks very much!

Willis Earl Beal - Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows (Album stream)

On "Nobody Knows" Willis Earl Beal offers a very intense and somewhat surreal blues and soul experience.

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