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Massive Audio Dr Who Tardis Bluetooth Speaker

This Dr Who TARDIS Bluetooth device is not just a wireless speaker but also has some other nice features to satisfy Whovians.

So, first of all: The term TARDIS stands for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space". Having clarified this one has to mention that this phone booth is actually a time machine and spacecraft in the UK science fiction TV series Dr. Who. It's been invented by an extraterrestrial civilisation called Time Lords and if you're able to maintain and pilot it in the right way it can bring you anywhere into time and space.

But here we're talking about a miniature TARDIS replica with a whole different purpose. This TARDIS is actually a mobile bluetooth speaker that's not just a fine collectible for a Whovian. It's also a cool gadget for any music fan who wants a special item to transfer music over the air. And besides streaming music via the bluetooth connection of your mobile device you can also take calls on it and use it as a hands-free speaker phone.

The music comes out of the thing in full 360 degrees and the sound quality is decent for a speaker of this size.

Fun fact: You can also play Dr. Who sounds. It's got Materialize, Dematerialize, Cloister Bell, Flight, and Turbulence. Here you go, Whovians!

And here is a review video of the Tardis bluetooth speaker.

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