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The Sloppy Heads Useless Smile

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Stream Brooklyn's The Sloppy Heads and their new upcoming album "Useless Smile".

Album release in: 4 days

Korn Insane

Single, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Here's a new track from Korn's upcoming new album. It's called "Insane" and it's solid Korn material. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stranger Things (Series) Volume 2

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Netflix series "Stranger Things" gets fabulous reviews everywhere and here's volume 2 of the acclaimed soundtrack.

Crystal Castles Amnesty (I)

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Crystal Castles have finally released their highly anticipated new album "Amnesty (I)". Stream it now and let us know what you think!

Editor's Choice

Vinyl Williams Brunei

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

LA-based visual artist and musician Lionel "Vinyl" Williams offers his upcoming new album "Brunei" for you to psych away to.

River Whyless We All The Light

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Violin, guitars, drums, harmonium, cello, banjo, toy the instruments on River Whyless gorgeous new album "We All The Light".

Editor's Choice

The Bad Plus It's hard

Album stream, Jazz

Oh yes it's quite spot the right tracks without reading the titles beforehand. Hear some of your favourite songs as jazz versions now.

The Album Leaf Between Waves

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Hear Jimmy LaVelle's ambient rock solo project "The Album Leaf" dropping a new album called "Between Waves".

Cass McCombs Mangy Love

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Stream Cass McCombs' highly anticipated new album "Mangy Love" in full ahead of release.

Editor's Choice

Joseph I'm Alone, No You're Not

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

The band Joseph are Allison, Meegan and Natalie Closner and this is the girl's new album streaming in full.

Kiefer Sutherland Down In A Hole

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Yes, Jack Bauer from 24 aka Kiefer Sutherland has recorded a new country rock album. Listen to "Down In A Hole" now in full.

Total Slacker Parallels

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Brooklyn-based Total Slacker offer their upcoming hook-laden pop punkish album "Parallels" for you to stream in full ahead of release.

NBA 2K17 Soundtrack

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Check out the NBA 2K17 soundtrack which features artists such as Grimes, Noah "40" Shebib, Imagine Dragons and many more.

Skeletonwitch Apothic Gloom

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

With new singer Adam Clemens of Wolvhammer metal outfit Skeletonwitch offer their new EP "Apothic Gloom".

Starover Blue Spacegeist

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Here's some fine experimental dream pop from Starover Blue for you to stream ahead of release.

Cognizance Illusory

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

UK based Technical Death Metal outfit Cognizance are about to drop their "Illusory" album. Hear it now in full and get pummeled.

Editor's Choice

Turtlenecked Pure Plush Bone Cage

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Turtlenecked is Portland-based college student Harrison Smith and this is his scratchy solo rock album "Pure Plush Bone Cage".

Bon Iver 22, A Million

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Bon Iver's highly anticipated new album "22, A Million" will not drop until end of September. But you can stream it now in full already.

Stranger Things (Series) Volume 1

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Listen to the soundtrack of the Netflix series "Stranger Things" (season 1), which is out now digtally and will get a physical release in September.

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