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Julian Casablancas - Tyranny (Cover)

Julian Casablancas Tyranny

September 20, Rock/Alternative / Album

This is The Strokes's Julian Casablancas and his solo album "Tyranny", which he recorded with his new band The Voidz. Stream the diverse thing in full and let me know what you think!

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Josef Salvat - Open Season (Cover)

Josef Salvat Open Season

September 20, Pop/Electropop / Song

Ever since Josef Salvat's most awesome track Every Night I've been waiting for his EP. Here's a step towards it via "Open Season".

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Cloud Castle Lake - Dandelion EP (Cover)

Cloud Castle Lake Dandelion EP

September 19, Pop/Electropop / Album

At last here's the seriously great "Dandelion" EP by Cloud Castle Lake to be streamed in full. I just love their powerful and fresh sound.

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Nick Hakim - Where Will We Go Pt. 2 (Cover)

Nick Hakim Where Will We Go Pt. 2

September 19, RnB/Soul / Album

Here's some soul music for your more emotional moments via Washington D's Nick Hakim and his new EP "Where Will We Go Pt. 2".

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Ryan Adams - Jacksonville (Cover)

Ryan Adams Jacksonville

September 19, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Ohhhhh Jaaaacksonville! That new "Jacksonville" 7 inch record by Ryan Adams is a step away from his latest rock n rollish efforts and offers some pretty awesome alt country tunes.

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Jessie Ware - Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe (Cover)

Jessie Ware Kind Of...Sometimes...Maybe

September 19, RnB/Soul / Song

How come everything that Jessie Ware drops is a fine listen? Here's a new track called "Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe".

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The Crooked Brothers - Thank You I'm Sorry (Cover)

The Crooked Brothers Thank You I'm Sorry

September 16, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Stream The Crooked Brothers' diverse and seriously good new album "Thank You I'm Sorry" in full via Exclaim.

1 user rating(s)

Mr Twin Sister - Mr Twin Sister (Cover)

Mr Twin Sister Mr Twin Sister

September 16, Pop/Electropop / Album

Head over to Pitchfork and stream Mr Twin Sister's new self-titled album in full. The New York based indie pop band was formerly known as Twin Sister.

4 user rating(s)

FAE - RUOK (Cover)


September 16, Pop/Electropop / Song

Jeppe Madsen and Matilde Böcher have left behind the Battlekat times and are now performing under the moniker FAE. Here's great 10 minute electro pop introduction called "RUOK".

2 user rating(s)

Made In Heights - Ghosts (Cover)

Made In Heights Ghosts

September 16, Pop/Electropop / Song

Here's a great track called "Ghosts" by LA based duo Made In Heights. Those cowbells are making me a bit nervous and/or wanting to dance.

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Odessa - Odessa EP (Cover)

Odessa Odessa EP

September 15, Pop/Electropop / Album

Listen to California based Odessa (Bearfoot) and her gorgeous self-titled EP in full via Paste.

2 user rating(s)

John Paesano - The Maze Runner (OST) (Cover)

John Paesano The Maze Runner (OST)

September 15, Movie Soundtracks (OST) / Album

Head over to MTV and stream John Paesano's soundtrack to the upcoming movie "The Maze Runner" in its entirety.

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Alt-J - This Is All Yours (Cover)

Alt-J This Is All Yours

September 15, Pop/Electropop / Album

Now this musicmonday might be one of the best of this year so far. Here's Alt-J's sophomore album "This Is All Yours" to be streamed via Spotify ahead of it's release!

3 user rating(s)

Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems (Cover)

Leonard Cohen Popular Problems

September 15, Folk/Folkrock / Album

YAY!!! Head over to NPR right now and stream the new album "Popular Problems" by Leonard Cohen in its entirety.

3 user rating(s)

Erasure - The Violet Flame (Cover)

Erasure The Violet Flame

September 15, Pop/Electropop / Album

For personal reasons I can only say, that no matter how good or bad Erasure's new album "The Violet Flame" is: I love that band. Wanna know why?

3 user rating(s)

Groundislava - Frozen Thrones (Cover)

Groundislava Frozen Thrones

September 15, Pop/Electropop / Album

Justin Patterson aka Groundislava hails from Los Angeles and brings you a soulful musical "search for real love in a future cyber-based reality".

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