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Mourn Ha, Ha, He!

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Barcelona punk wunderkinds Mourn dive deep into post-rockish territory on their "Ha, Ha, He!" album. Listen!

Psychic Ills Inner Journey Out

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

New York psych-rock outfit Psychic Ills stream their great upcoming album "Inner Journey Out".

Editor's Choice

Amanda Palmer Purple Rain (Prince cover)

Single, Pop/Electropop

Ugh, Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff have once more teamed up to hit you right in the stomach. This time they string-quartet Prince's "Purple Rain".

Editor's Choice

Swarming Branch Surreal Number

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Back in school I've hated surreal numbers. This time we're talking about music and that's way better. Stream Swarming Branch's upcoming LP now.

Fear Of Men Fall Forever

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Brighton indie-pop three-piece Fear Of Men offer their upcoming new album "Fall Forever" to be streamed in full.

Ladyhawke Wild Things

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

New Zealand's synth-pop act Pip Brown aka Ladyhawke has a new album ready called "Wild Things" and it's streaming right now in full.

The Strokes Future Present Past

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

It's been three years since The Strokes have released new music. So at last here's a new EP called "Future Present Past" streaming ahead of release.

sir Was Says Hi

Album stream, Hip Hop/Reggae

Check out the pretty good debut EP "Says Hi" by Gothenburg producer sir Was, which blends hip hop music with (what I would call) caribbean influences.

Editor's Choice

Deep Forest Evo Devo

Album stream, Electronic

Sit back, relax and contemplate life while listening to Deep Forest's upcoming record "Evo Devo".

William Tyler Modern Country

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

If you're up for some instrumental country music that allows you mind to make up pictures on its own, then listen to William Tyler's upcoming album "Modern Country".

Robert Ellis Robert Ellis

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Listen to Robert Ellis' self-titled fourth solo album and witness the man's diverse approaches to country and americana music.

Maria Usbeck Amparo

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Maria Usbeck's upcoming new album is as colourful and playful as it is beatiful. Listen to it now.

Editor's Choice

Paul Gilbert I Can Destroy

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Mr. Big and Racer X man Paul Gilbert has a new solo album ready called "I Can Destroy" and you can listen to it now in full.

Rebolledo Mondo Alterado

Album stream, Electronic

People say Mauricio Rebolledo is funny as hell, but, you know, I just don't get it. Why don't you judge for yourself and listen to the man's new album "Mondo Alterado"?

Fujiya & Miyagi EP1

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

In case you still think (after 15 years) that Fujiya & Miyagi are from Japan: They're not. But they have a bubbly new EP ready. Listen!

Dead Waves Living Inside

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Dead Waves from Queens NY have a new album ready called "Living Inside" and it will make you feel as if the earth collapses under your feet.

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