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Saint Saviour - In The Seams (Cover)

Saint Saviour In The Seams

October 31, Pop/Electropop / Album

Music seems to get a little calmer these days. I'm getting into some sort of xmas mood already. Stream the most gorgeous "In The Seams" by Saint Saviour via NYT.

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Over The Rhine - Blood Oranges In The Snow (Cover)

Over The Rhine Blood Oranges In The Snow

October 31, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquists are Over The Rhine and once more they offer an album from their "Reality Christmas music" series, which is a very touching thing to listen to.

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Rachael Sage - Blue Roses (Cover)

Rachael Sage Blue Roses

October 31, Pop/Electropop / Album

Here's some fine softly rocking music by Rachael Sage from New York. "Blue Roses" is the singer-songwriter's 11th album.

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Foo Fighters - Congregation (Cover)

Foo Fighters Congregation

October 31, Rock/Alternative / Song

If you ask me, there's something really classy with these new Foo Fighters tracks. I just don't know what it is yet. Let's listen to the new "Congregation" song.

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Underground Wildfires - Fallen Angels (Cover)

Underground Wildfires Fallen Angels

October 31, Folk/Folkrock / Album

So this Aaron Wardwell guy aka Underground Wildfires all of a sudden follows me via Soundcloud, I check out his stuff and get totally blown away by his "Fallen Angels" EP. Listen!

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Bart - Bart by Bart (Cover)

Bart Bart by Bart

October 30, Rock/Alternative / Album

Here's a great EP called "Bart by Bart" by...Bart. As funny and weird (or just straightforward) that may sound, the music's is utterly seriously awesome.

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The Dead Weather - Buzzkill(er) (Cover)

The Dead Weather Buzzkill(er)

October 30, Rock/Alternative / Song

Alison Mosshart, Jack White, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence aka The Dead Weather are teasing their new upcoming album with a new track called "Buzzkill(er)". Listen to it after the jump.

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She And Him - Time After Time (Cover)

She And Him Time After Time

October 30, Jazz / Song

After Dusty Springfield's "Stay Awhile" Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward aka She and Him work their magic on the classic "Time after Time".

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Chief Keef - Big Gucci Sosa (Cover)

Chief Keef Big Gucci Sosa

October 30, Hip Hop/Raggae / Album

Here's something for you fans of the Sprechgesang. Listen to a new Chief Keef mixtape called "Big Gucci Sosa" while you're waiting for " Back from the Dead 2".

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Indiana - Jack (Cover)

Indiana Jack

October 30, Pop/Electropop / Song

Here's Indiana with a new track called "Jack". Listen to the dramatic pop piece ahead of the upcoming album called "No Romeo" now via Soundcloud.

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Cristobal And The Sea - Peach Bells (Cover)

Cristobal And The Sea Peach Bells

October 30, Folk/Folkrock / Album

After the most awesome track My Love (Ay Ay Ay) it's been so clear to me, that this "Peach Bells" EP by Cristobal And The Sea has to be fabulous.

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Mutes - No One Is Nowhere (Cover)

Mutes No One Is Nowhere

October 30, Pop/Electropop / Album

There's nothing wrong with a bedroomish recording of an EP, which is as charming as Mutes' "No One Is Nowhere". Listen to the record in full via The Line Of Best Fit.

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Dems - Muscle Memory (Cover)

Dems Muscle Memory

October 30, Pop/Electropop / Album

If you're up for some shimmery electronic pop music, try London trio Dems and their upcoming debut album "Muscle Memory", which is streaming right now via Soundcloud.

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Ought - Once More With Feeling... (Cover)

Ought Once More With Feeling...

October 30, Rock/Alternative / Album

Quartet Ought hail from Montreal and offer their great and playful "Once More With Feeling..." EP for you to stream in full.

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James Williamson - Re-Licked (Cover)

James Williamson Re-Licked

October 30, Rock/Alternative / Album

After releasing The Stooges' "Raw Power" James Williamson and Iggy Pop worked on new songs, which never found a release. So far. This is the fantastic "Re-Licked" streaming in full.

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Calvin Harris - Motion (Cover)

Calvin Harris Motion

October 29, Pop/Electropop / Album

Now here's something to dancy dancy: Head over to iTunes Radio and stream the upcoming new album "Motion" by Calvin Harris in its entirety.

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