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Monster Treasure - Monster Treasure (Cover)

Monster Treasure Monster Treasure

August 21, Rock/Alternative / Album

Pretty loud pop rock trio Monster Treasure hail from California. This is their self-titeld debut album streaming for you in full via Vice.

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Gob - Apt. 13 (Cover)

Gob Apt. 13

August 21, Rock/Alternative / Album

Grab a beer and jump: Vancouver (Canada) based punk outfit Gob offer their new album "Apt. 13" to be streamed in full.

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Darren Eedens - Of My Word (Cover)

Darren Eedens Of My Word

August 21, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Being only known in the area of Toronto (I guess) Darren Eedens offers you a minimalistic banjo, guitar and mandolin experience, which comes straight from the heart.

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Indiana - Shadow Flash (Cover)

Indiana Shadow Flash

August 21, Pop/Electropop / Song

As a taste of her forthcoming album "No Romeo" popstress Indiana offers a new track called "Shadow Flash", which I (as helpless as I'm always falling for heartbreaking pop ballads) totally dig.

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Motel Beds - These Are the Days Gone By (Cover)

Motel Beds These Are the Days Gone By

August 21, Rock/Alternative / Album

Nice one: Motel Beds from Ohio offer their upcoming album "These Are the Days Gone By" to be streamed in full. Listen to it now via Popmatters!

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Mount Sharp - Weird Fears EP (Cover)

Mount Sharp Weird Fears EP

August 21, Pop/Electropop / Album

Dreamy, fuzzy, fine: Brooklyn's indie pop/rock trio Mount Sharp tell you their "Weird Fears" via the equally named EP.

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Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Canto Secondo (Cover)

Il Sogno Del Marinaio Canto Secondo

August 21, Rock/Alternative / Album

"Canto Secondo" is Mike Watt's second album with his Il Sogno Del Marinaio band. It's a very rock avantgarde like experience.

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He Is Legend - Heavy Fruit (Cover)

He Is Legend Heavy Fruit

August 21, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal / Album

North Carolina based hard rock outfit He Is Legend show off their new album "Heavy Fruit" for your (and your neighbour's) listening pleasure. Turn it up.

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Rory Partin - Rory Partin (Cover)

Rory Partin Rory Partin

August 21, Jazz / Album

Here's a big band for you to take on. Listen to Rory Partin's new self-titled album via Allmusic.

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Maya Beiser - Uncovered (Cover)

Maya Beiser Uncovered

August 21, Classic / Album

One of the rare classical takes on rock music that is not embarassing comes from cellist Maya Beiser via her "Uncovered" LP. It works it's magic on tracks by Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and the likes.

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Casey Jack - Casey Jack (Cover)

Casey Jack Casey Jack

August 20, Rock/Alternative / Album

Listen to Casey Jack from Springfield, Missouri and his self-titeld album, which is more rockish than poppish but still pretty poppish.

1 user rating(s)

Katrina Leskanich - Blisland (Cover)

Katrina Leskanich Blisland

August 20, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Former Katrina And The Waves front woman Katrina Leskanich offers her new solo album "Blisland" to be streamed via Popmatters.

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Wand - Ganglion Reef (Cover)

Wand Ganglion Reef

August 20, Rock/Alternative / Album

If your band gets signed by Ty Segall himself, you must have done something right. Obviously Los Angeles-based quartet Wand did exactly that. Something right. This is their debut album "Ganglion Reef".

3 user rating(s)

Rubblebucket - Survival Sounds (Cover)

Rubblebucket Survival Sounds

August 20, Pop/Electropop / Album

Rubblebucket offer their upcoming new album "Survival Sounds" to be streamed in full. Listen to the pop outfit's LP right now.

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Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Upstairs (Cover)

Robyn Hitchcock The Man Upstairs

August 20, Folk/Folkrock / Album

Head over to the New York Times and stream Robyn Hitchcock's 20th studio album "The Man Upstairs". It includes originals and covers of songs by the Doors and the Psychedelic Furs.

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Rustie - Green Language (Cover)

Rustie Green Language

August 20, Hip Hop/Raggae / Album

If you're up for some Minecraft style game to discover the song of Rustie's new album "Green Language", head over to his website and jump around a lot.

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