Come From Away (Musical) - Original Broadway Cast Recording
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Come From Away (Musical) - Original Broadway Cast Recording

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Hear the Original Broadway Cast Recording of the 'Come From Away" musical which based on a small Canadian town's weird days following 9/11.

The album has made our list of selected records, which means we think it's great and you should definitely listen to the stream.Release date for Original Broadway Cast Recording is on 10 March 2017 via . The stream is delivered via NPR. Also check out the artist profile of Come From Away (Musical) where you can find more photos, tour dates in your area, links to the official Facebook page and more.

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Original Broadway Cast Recording tracklist

1. Welcome to the Rock
2. 38 Planes
3. Blankets and Bedding
4. 28 Hours/Wherever We Are
5. Darkness and Trees
6. On The Bus
7. Darkness and Trees (Reprise)
8. Lead Us Out Of the Night
9. Phoning Home
10. Costume Party
11. I Am Here
12. Prayer
13. On The Edge
14. In The Bar/Heave Away
15. Screech In
16. Me and the Sky
17. The Dover Fault
18. Stop the World
19. 38 Planes (Reprise)/Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere
20. Something's Missing
21. Years Later
22. Finale
23. Bonus: Screech Out

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