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Cory Branan Adios
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Stream alt-country musician Cory Branan's upcoming new album 'Adios' in full ahead of release.

On the record Branan literally sings about death in all sorts of ways. "There's death to idealism, there's death to innocence, and death to former selves. It gets to where I want the record to move a certain way and be balanced, but it doesn't need to carry a theme, I don't really do concept records," he says on the album.

Adios will be released on Apr 07, 2017. Stream it courtesy of Noisey. Also check out our Cory Branan artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Cory Branan. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Adios'.

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Adios tracklist

1. I Only Know
2. Imogene
3. Blacksburg
4. Yeah, So What
5. You Got Through
6. The Vow
7. Walls, MS
8. Cold Blue Moonlight
9. Another Nightmare in America
10. Chameleon Moon
11. Equinox
12. Don't Go
13. Visiting Hours
14. My Father Was an Accordion Player

'Adios' Reviews

We currently know 5 reviews for "Adios" by Cory Branan. People have mixed feelings about the record but in general seem to like it.

"The trio creates a sound that is cohesive in approach and unpredictable in expectation as heartland rock mingles with new wave agitations and swampy blues brushes shoulders with swinging waltzes."

77 % Paste Magazine
"Adios sounds more like Hola. Nearly 15 years into his career, Branan sounds like he’s finally found the right balance between audacity and subtlety, between humor and heartbreak."

75 % Pitchfork
"Representing the more countrified side of things, lead single "Imogene" and the warmly sentimental "The Vow" show some of Branan's other sides on this diverse and well-crafted collection."

70 % AllMusic
"Branan’s star is definitely on the rise; if he played by the rules and stuck to predictable patterns, he might already be up there, but by following his meandering muse, he’s making the journey a lot more interesting for fans of smart country music."

70 % PopMatters
"Branan can't quite bring it full circle in matching the music to his emotions. The results leave the listener craving something a bit more substantial."

40 % Austin Chronicle

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