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Juana Molina Halo
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Juana Molina's upcoming new album 'Halo' is something you might not have heard before. Stream it now in full.

It makes best sense to quote the press release.

"The album is abound with hypnotic rhythms which seem to draw their energy from immemorial rituals; with timbral explorations and ever-changing soundscapes; with mysterious lyrics often touching on witchcraft, premonition and dreams, always used as metaphors for emotional states; with voices which sometimes move away from word and meaning to be reduced to abstract phonemes and onomatopoeia."

"See the front cover of this album: a bone is looking at us! And when a bone looks at us, we're being watched by the entire history of paleontology. The bone is a sign of having been, it's the last remain, after the passage of vultures, hyenas, rodents and worms. But the bone became lever, weapon and inscription surface. And the bone is also Stanley Kubrick, that name we invented for jumping from the monkey to the superhuman, as well as from the caves to the moon, to Jupiter and beyond. In ancient folk legends, buried bones were believed to be the cause of luz mala ('evil light', also known as ghost lights or will-o'-the-wisp), that strange halo which floats above the ground and scares travelers at night. "

We have labelled Halo with our editor's choice badge, which means we totally dig the record. Make sure you listen to it at least once. Halo will be available on May 05, 2017. You can stream it via NPR. Also check out our Juana Molina artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Juana Molina. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Halo'.

And if you like what you hear, get it over at iTunes or Amazon.

Halo tracklist

1. Paraguaya
2. Sin dones
3. Lentísimo halo
4. In the lassa
5. Cosoco
6. Cálculos y oráculos
7. Los pies helados
8. A00 B01
9. Cara de espejo
10. Andó
11. Estalacticas
12. Al oeste

Juana Molina tour dates:

09/08 - Chicago, IL @ Promontory
09/09 - Twin Cities, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center
09/10 - Seattle, WA @ Tripple Door
09/11 - Portland, OR @ Revolution Hall
09/12 - SF Bay Area, CA @ The Independent
09/14 - Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom
09/15 - Phoenix, AZ @ Musical Instrument Museum
09/19 - New York, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl
09/20 - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
09/22 - Miami, FL @ North Beach Bandshell

'Halo' Reviews

We currently know 10 reviews for "Halo" by Juana Molina. The album received pretty solid reviews among the critics and is one of the better ones this year.

"Halo cements itself into yr ears. This is logic in motion, and it’s dead beautiful to watch every piece of these puzzles fall into place."

100 % Drowned In Sound
"Halo is just as effective when taken purely as an aural experience; just like the symbolic spirit she invokes, her challenging and throbbing entanglements are impossible to turn away from."

80 % No Ripcord
"Though the sounds can be thin, the atmosphere is thick and evocative."

80 % PopMatters
"Halo distinguishes itself in its startling moments of suspension and sparseness."

80 % Dusted Magazine
"There are sturdy melodies on the quietly charming Cosoco or Cálculos Y Oráculos, but even an apparently conventional song is soon transformed by her edgy and intriguing off-kilter soundscapes."

80 % The Observer (UK)
"Her early folk tendencies and pop structures served a similar purpose, a means to explore the off-kilter rhythms and ambient melodies that lulled her into a trance as a child, pulling us in along with her. Halo suggests a self-realization that is often breathtaking."

80 % Pitchfork
"[Halo] feels like a logical snapshot of her ongoing journey, presenting 12 new tracks that are as eccentric as they are inviting."

80 % AllMusic
"Halo is the sound of a mischievous, philosophical soul in full swing. An idiosyncratic joy."

80 % Record Collector
"There are sturdy melodies on the quietly charming Cosoco or Cálculos Y Oráculos, but even an apparently conventional song is soon transformed by her edgy and intriguing off-kilter soundscapes."

80 % The Guardian
"Then there’s her voice, sweet and breathy, uttering lyrics that are always in Spanish, yet sometimes content just to form unfamiliar, onomatopoeic sounds. It’s endlessly bewitching."

70 % Mixmag

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