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Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Minecraft - Volume Beta

So there is this independent musician calling himself C418. He just released his second inofficial Minecraft soundtrack, which sounds great and will find it's way into the game.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Mark Orton
Nebraska (OST)

It's like you can see the pictures already in your minds eye: Stream the soundtrack to "Nebraska" by Mark Orton in full via Paste.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

The Best Man Holiday

"The Best Man Holiday" movie is coming out in November and already now you can stream the entire soundtrack to get a little christmas early.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Valhalla Rising

Head over to Pitchfork and listen to the soundtrack of 2009s "Valhalla Rising" movie by "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Carrie (Movie)
Soundtrack / OST

Head over to EW and listen to the soundtrack of that "Carrie" remake with the usually charming but this time not so charming Chloƫ Grace Moretz.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Steven Price
Gravity (OST)

I can't say yet if Alfonso Cuarons "Gravity" movie really is that game-changer, but Steven Prices soundtrack really makes me feel uncomfortable already. Awesome!

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Boardwalk Empire
Volume 2 (OST)

Head over to CoS and listen to the new upcoming soundtrack of HBO series "Boardwalk Empire" featuring Matt Berninger, St. Vincent, Neko Case and others.

Album stream, Movie Soundtracks (OST)

Kevin Riepl
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Composer Kevin Riepl is offering his soundtrack to the video game "Aliens: Colonial Marines". Reminds of the "Aliens" tunes, but stands on its own feet - awesome!