LATEST Classic songs

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Christoph Berg & Henning Schmiedt Flügelschlag

Christoph Berg & Henning Schmiedt are composers and musicians from Berlin. They are about to release their new album 'bei' and 'Flügelschlag' is a gorgeous track taken from it.

19 days until releaseSelected

New song, Classic

Jherek Bischoff Cistern

Jherek Bischoff, a great guy, great musician and fellow companion of the great Amanda Palmer, will release a new album called "Cistern" soon. This is the title track.

New song, Classic

Tori Amos Amphibiava

Check out "Amphibiava", another track from "The Light Princess", a musical written by Tori Amos that gets a cast recording now.

New song, Classic

Tori Amos Darkest Hour

At last Tori Amos will release a cast recording of her stage production "The Light Princess"! Hear "Darkest Hour" now.

New song, Classic

Chilly Gonzales Freudian Slippers

Is it classic? Is it a soundtrack? Is it a little pop? I don't care as long as it's as beautiful as Chilly Gonzales' new song "Freudian Slippers".