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Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Dappled Cities
Many Roads

Australian five-piece indie rock band Dappled Cities offer their upcoming album "Many Roads" for your listening pleasure.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Gem Club
In Roses

Gem Club offer their upcoming album "In Roses" to be streamed in full. Listen to it now over at NPR!

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

The Gloaming
The Gloaming

Two fiddles, one guitar, a piano and the unusual voice of Iarla Ó Lionaird make up The Gloaming. Close your eyes, imagine an ocean and start to sail!

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Tom Brosseau
Grass Punks

Get some stories told by Tom Brosseau with his guitar by listening to his "Grass Punks" record.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

The Way

Listen to electropop artist JUNEsHELEN and H1987 offering their EP "The Way" via Bandcamp.

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Meine Fesseln

Terrorizer is currently streaming "Meine Fesseln", the new record by black metalist Jan ‘Winterherz’ van Berlekom aka Waldgeflüster (whispers in the forest).

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Tim Pearce

At first "Palliards" by Tim Pearce reminded me of Eddie Vedders "Into the wild" soundtrack. Then of Nick Cave and then of Tom Waits. Exciting.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

The Stenxhographer

This one by STENXH is tagged with "electronic disco dreampop experimental funk house r&b shoegaze". I agree.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop


Don't be fooled by that shredding guitar in "And They Shudder". "Wildebeest" by Northumberland is way more fragile than you might think.

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

The Vintage Caravan

A caravan pulled through space by polar bears. What else could possibly fit better when it comes to that classic rock monster called "Voyage" by The Vintage Caravan? Stunned.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Major Lazer
Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 6

Piuuu! Piuuu! Major Lazer is shooting mixes at you via his latest "Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 6" record, which you can stream after the jump.

New song, Rock/Alternative

Scum, Rise!

Hear Protomartyr from Detroit offer a truly captivating track called "Scum, Rise!" from their upcoming second album "Under Color of Official Right".

New song, Rock/Alternative

Jack Name
Born to lose

Jack Name aka John Webster Johns will release his debut "Light Show" under this moniker end of January. Until then you can listen to the great track "Born to lose".