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Album stream, Rock/Alternative

The Flaming Lips 2nd Casette Demo

Here's a remastered recording of cassette by The Flaming Lips from 1983. It contains around 15 minutes of punkish demos.

Concert, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Metallica Freeze 'Em All: Live in Antarctica

Metallica is now the world record holder in being the first and only band so far to perform concerts on all seven continents in under a year. This one's in the ice.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Chrome Hoof Knopheria

I guess you need 11 people to make that sound? Chrome Hoof show off their might track "Knopheria" via Youtube.

Album stream, Hip Hop/Reggae

YachtMansion Luxe 13

Here's YachtMansion with his latest LP "Luxe 13". If you don't know, who YachtMansion is "GOOGLE IT, GOOGLE IT"!

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Pink Mexico Pnik Mxeico

No, not a typo, the album is actually called "Pnik Mxeico", which is spoken as "Pfffnnnkinmxxxxieeehko" or whatever. Music's great though! :D

Album stream, Hip Hop/Reggae


Is it Christmas already? KOOL A.D. just dropped a new album called "NOT O.K." - listen after the jump!

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Douglas First Tide

This "Tide" EP by Douglas First from France and Germany is one of those hidden treasures you must discover. It's worth every single note. I hope we'll hear more from them!

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

David Berkeley Lincoln Center Live

“This was a special show for me,” David Berkeley said and maybe that's why we get to hear that beautyful "Lincoln Center Live" EP.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Oddience Um,Yes You Can

Um, yes this is a somewhat eclectic mixture of psych hip hop, reggae and pop, I guess. Pretty intriguing!

New song, Pop/Electropop

Metronomy I'm Aquarius

Pretty tight song, great video: Listen to Metronomys "I'm Aquarius" single.