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Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Painted Palms

Head over to the grande Pitchfork and stream the new album "Forever" by Painted Palms in its entirety.

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Hiss Golden Messenger
Bad Debt

Hiss Golden Messenger offer their upcoming album "Bad Debt", which was recorded on a cassette player, to be streamed in full. Listen to it now over at Pitchfork!

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Mike Golden & Friends

Mike Golden & Friends do what friends do: Make music. Listen to their new record "Utopia" via Soundcloud.

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Neck Deep
Wishful Thinking

Neck Deep offer their upcoming album "Wishful Thinking" to be streamed in full ahead of its release.

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

David Broza
East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

David Broza is a singer/songwriter from Israel and offers you an insight into the Middle East conflict with his new album. Listen tight and understand a little better.

Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Always With Us

Stop calling it World Music! What does this term mean anyway? Listen to some African vocal folk by Ladysmith Black Mambazo over at the NYT.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Lyla Foy
Feather Tongue

Big fan! Lyla Foy totally got me with Easy and now she offers a new track called "Feather Tongue", which will be on her upcoming album "Mirrors The Sky".

New song, Rock/Alternative

Cari Cari
White Line Fever

Taken from their forthcoming debut EP "AMERIPPINDUNKLER" Cari Cari offer a first track called "White Line Fever" for you to listen to.

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Iron Mind
Iron Mind

Get some tight riffs right in the kisser by Iron Mind and their self-titled new album. Stream the thing via

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Reflections EP

MisterWives supposedly is the next big indie pop thing somewhere between The Lumineers and Of Monsters And Men. Buzz buzz, let's hear their "Reflections" EP!