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Album stream, Folk/Folkrock

No Holier Temple

It's like Opeth meets folk music. Check out this impressive mixture that Hexvessel created with No Holier Temple.

Album stream, Rock/Alternative


Seapony and their Falling bring you some summer pop/rock guitar anthems that get stuck in your head.

Album stream, Electronic

Mala in Cuba

This sure is some electronically-dub-steppically interpretation of Cuban music...

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Zen Zebra

Zen Zebra just released their progressively rocking debut Awaystation.

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


UK based Gallows pull out some heavy riffs on their new self titled album.

Album stream, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Earth Blood Magic

Iceland Progressive Doom band Kontiuum show off their brilliant debut Earth Blood Magic.

Album stream, Pop/Electropop

Philco Fiction
Take It Personal

There seems to be a fuss about WHAT exactly Philco Fictions music is? We say it's awesome pop music - check out Take It Personal!

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

King Cyst
Real Pussy

Intriguing, weird and absolutely fascinating: King Cyst shows us Real Pussy.

Album stream, Rock/Alternative

Amanda Palmer
Theatre is evil

In case own a Spotify account you might want to listen to Amanda Palmers new album Theatre is evil

Album stream, Rock/Alternative


Sinner in the Sea alone justifies the need for you to listen to Calexicos new Album Algiers.

Album stream, Rock/Alternative


Cologne (Germany) band Spiedkiks describe their music as Elektronika Big Beat Funk Rock HipHop. Well then...