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The Shins Heartworms
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The Shins have at last released their new album 'Heartworms'. As it is definitely one you should check out we're providing you the stream shortcuts here.

Heartworms will be released on Mar 10, 2017. It will be released via . Stream it courtesy of Exclaim. Also check out our The Shins artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of The Shins. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Heartworms'.

And if you like what you hear, get it over at iTunes or Amazon.

Heartworms tracklist

1. "Name For You"
2. "Painting a Hole"
3. "Cherry Hearts"
4. "Fantasy Island"
5. "Mildenhall"
6. "Rubber Ballz"
7. "Half a Million"
8. "Dead Alive"
9. "Heartworms"
10. "So Now What"
11. "The Fear"

'Heartworms' Reviews

We currently know 26 reviews for "Heartworms" by The Shins. People have mixed feelings about the record but in general seem to like it.

"True to the band’s spirit, but willing to push beyond aesthetically, Heartworms is a rewarding and singular addition to the Shins’ catalog."

83 % Entertainment Weekly
"Overall Mercer’s songwriting creds are well in tact."

80 % New Musical Express (NME)
"Throughout Heartworms, Mercer and company prove that their sparse output is well worth the wait. The totality of the record is enough to engulf listeners in myriad textures accomplished via sound and vision."

80 % Drowned In Sound
"The evolution and maturation of The Shins might continue at its steady pace with this record, but it’s all the better for the sense of nostalgia that pervades it, seeping from both its music and its lyrics."

80 %
"Though that melancholy seeps deeper into songs like “So Now What” and “The Fear”, it’s never allowed to dominate, with the latter’s rolling drone groove quixotically tempered by the addition of mariachi horns, a typically off-centre touch."

80 % The Independent (UK)
"Melancholy levels are high--but that’s a distraction, as beneath this motif is a wealth of songwriting nous that continues to set Mercer apart from his peers."

80 % Record Collector
"Although Heartworms never quite conjures the magic of those first couple Shins albums, it’s further proof that they weren’t a fluke. This guy always did, and still does, know how to write a song that sticks."

76 % Pitchfork
"While [“Name For You” is] a decidedly summery affair, it deals with serious ideas, admonishing those with antiquated notions who might try to stand in his daughters’ way while cruising through the infectious melodies. This dynamic is the engine that powers Heartworms, with subject matter frequently much heavier than the psychedelia-tinged pop its bathed in."

75 % The A.V. Club
"After a decade-plus in which they've evolved from cult heroes to respected major-label denizens, the Shins still prove capable of delivering a few surprises."

75 % Chicago Tribune
"Mercer is a poetic lyricist and his abstractedness continues on Heartworms. With all the extra bells and whistles on this record however, it takes extra attention to appreciate the details."

75 % The Line of Best Fit
"Heartworms is an understated and charming production of orchestral rock, surfy riffs cresting summery melodies and experimental streaks of reverb."

71 % Paste Magazine
"“Painting a Hole” piles on more, including a stomping drum beat and a vaguely Middle Eastern synth line, while flavors of 1980s new wave crop up in “Cherry Hearts” and “Rubber Ballz,” each a vivid reflection of the deep record-nerd knowledge that Mercer played down on “Port of Morrow.”"

70 % Los Angeles Times
"Nothing on Heartworms matches the processional majesty of Port of Morrow’s “Simple Song,” or even the go-for-broke mugging of “Fall of ‘82,” an unholy riff on Joe Walsh, Steely Dan, and Thin Lizzy. What Heartworms does have, though, is the informal approach to formalism shared by another Southwesterner transplanted to Portland, Britt Daniel."

70 % Spin
"While Heartworms has its melodic pop moments and the band tries to remain indie-rock stalwarts, there seems to be a lack of cohesiveness between the songs. But one thing that remains strong is Mercer's ability to craft songs that are always interesting, otherworldly, and transport you to another universe."

70 % Under The Radar
"Although the core songwriting is never quite as captivating and merciful as it was on previous albums, Heartworms nonetheless has an adventurous outer shell, and the Shins seem to revel in the newfound space inside of it."

70 % Exclaim
"Though it takes a few listens to get to the heart of Heartworms, fans who have stuck with Mercer for this long will find it time well spent."

70 % AllMusic
"The result is some of most charming music he's ever made."

70 % Rolling Stone
"Heartworms is an album of tinkering and pootling, the sound of a man reminiscing on life, referencing his favourite records--less rock star, more bloke living out his hobby from the comfort of a suburban garage."

60 % The Guardian
"This album is just a few puzzle pieces shy of being great, and that’s a damn shame."

60 % The 405
"There are so many ideas in Heartworms that give substance to Mercer’s unremitting passion to create, and though he manages to enliven and push the project forward it more so blurs Mercer’s artistic and commercial ambitions."

60 % No Ripcord
"While opener ‘Name For You’ is catchy, and album highlight ‘Rubber Ballz’ is a foot-stomping earworm, Heartworms largely represents a loss of ambition."

60 % DIY Magazine
"On paper, Mercer's lyrics too often engage in heavy-handed wordplay (“I take the drugs, but the drugs won't take”) or drift off into abstraction (“I dine like an aging pirate”), though the vocals aren't always featured prominently enough to easily decipher on a casual listen."

60 % Slant Magazine
"Despite the glorious melodies hidden within so many of these tracks, like the opening duo of “Name for You” and “Painting a Hole”, huge potential is undermined by ham-fisted executions and depths you could wade through."

58 % Pretty Much Amazing
"Heartworms has some songs that longtime Shins fans will appreciate, and they should seek out those songs. But in the age of unlimited audio streaming, it is hard to make a case that the entire album is worth their time."

50 % PopMatters
"Frankly, Mercer’s unfiltered production makes Heartworms an exhausting listen."

50 % Sputnikmusic
"Aimless and fussy, Heartworms sounds like the kind of album a person with slightly too much money, their own studio and a massive ego would make. Crushingly disappointing, this is, alas, no return to form."

20 % The Skinny

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