LATEST songs

New song, Pop/Electropop

La Roux
Tropical Chancer

Why is it that La Roux can feed me anything and I eat it with enjoyment? Here's "Tropical Chancer" and suddenly there's a party in your tummy.

New song, Electronic

Blonde Redhead
No More Honey

But the honey!!! Taken from their upcoming album "Barragán" comes Blonde Redhead's new song "No More Honey".

New song, Rock/Alternative

The Rentals
Thought of Sound

"Thought of Sound" is taken from The Rentals' upcoming new album "Lost in Alphaville". Listen to it via TLOBF right now.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Lana Del Rey
Brooklyn Baby

And here is yet another track from Lana Del Rey's forthcoming album "Ultraviolence". This one's called "Brooklyn Baby".

New song, Pop/Electropop

Los Campesinos!
Little Mouth

This is "Little Mouth" by Los Campesinos!, which is a new track in the context of a movie called Benny & Jolene.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Alex G
Black Hair

17 year old Alex G from Philadelphia will drop his first LP mid of June. Until then, hear the great "Black Hair" via Orchid Tapes. Sounds like a great lo fi version of Eels to me (at least in parts).

New song, Rock/Alternative

I’ll Sing It

So, when Jeff Tweedy of Wilco teams up with his 18 year old son Spencer Tweedy, it's just right to call the band Tweedy. Listen to "I'll sing it" - album "Sukierae" to come!

New song, Rock/Alternative

Earth Is The Loneliest Planet

Ahead of his highly anticipated new album "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" comes the single "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" by Morrissey.

New song, RnB/Soul

Want My Love

Their EP is about to drop in summer. Until then listen to a new single by Cathedrals from San Francisco called "Want My Love".

New song, Pop/Electropop

Can’t Do Without You

Taken from the forthcoming album "Our Love" comes a new track by Dan Snaith aka Caribou called "Can’t Do Without You".

New song, Pop/Electropop

Never Work For Free

Set for September is Tennis' new album "Ritual In Repeat". Until then you can listen to the great track "Never Work For Free", which makes me spin in circles.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Got A Girl
Did We Live Too Fast

Here's Dan The Automator teaming up with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. They collaborate under the moniker Got A Girl and here's a first great peek, that sounds like a 60s French pop thingy.

New song, Pop/Electropop

My Brightest Diamond

Taken from the forthcoming album "This Is My Hand", which will arrive in late summer, comes a new song called "Pressure" by My Brightest Diamond