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Los Angeles Police Department Los Angeles Police Department
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Ryan Pollie aka Los Angeles Police Department offers his great new self-titled album for you to stream in full ahead of release.

Release date for Los Angeles Police Department is on Apr 28, 2017. It will be released via ANTI-Records. The stream is delivered via Hypem. Also check out our Los Angeles Police Department artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Los Angeles Police Department. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Los Angeles Police Department'.

And if you like what you hear, get it over at iTunes or Amazon.

Los Angeles Police Department tracklist

1. The Plane
2. Grown
3. Sooner or Later
4. If I Lied
5. Hard
6. The Plane
7. Drugs
8. The Birds
9. Ashlyn
10. Spent

'Los Angeles Police Department' Reviews

We currently know 3 reviews for "Los Angeles Police Department" by Los Angeles Police Department. The album received pretty solid reviews among the critics and is one of the better ones this year.

"These are striking, expertly crafted songs containing left-field bridges and curious diversions, and the result is a memorable record from start to finish."

80 % Los Angeles Times
"None of these songs reach that lofty level [of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and Randy Newman], but fans of inward-looking popsmiths like Elliott Smith and Daniel Johnston (whose artwork gets a subtle nod through the graphics) will find some gentle little gems in this police department lost-and-found."

80 % Alternative Press
"Overall, Pollie presents a wistful and warm little microcosm that subtly builds on the foundation of his debut."

70 % AllMusic

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