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Xiu Xiu Forget
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Listen to Xiu Xiu's 13th studio album produced by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier, John Congleton (Blondie, Sigur Ros, Sleater-Kinney)

Forget will be released on Feb 24, 2017. It will be released via . Stream it courtesy of Noisey. Also check out our Xiu Xiu artist profile to find eventual tour dates in your area and links to the official web and social media pages of Xiu Xiu. Last but not least make sure you scroll down and check out reviews for 'Forget'.

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Forget tracklist

1. The Call
2. Queen of the Losers
3. Wondering
4. Get Up
5. Hay Choco Bananas
6. Jenny GoGo
7. At Last, At Last
8. Forget
9. Petite
10. Faith, Torn Apart

'Forget' Reviews

We currently know 8 reviews for "Forget" by Xiu Xiu. The album received pretty solid reviews among the critics and is one of the better ones this year.

"Dark and luminous at the same time, Forget allows Xiu Xiu to redefine pop in a way that's true to their volatile--but always gripping--nature."

80 % AllMusic
"For all the coldness and brutality of Forget there are moments of beauty, validation and comfort, showing that these things can co-exist simultaneously."

80 % Drowned In Sound
"The more cerebral, out-there music fan may find it all too easy, craving the satisfaction that comes with gaining an appreciation of music that's challenging to the ear. Most, however, will rejoice; as should you, because FORGET is overwhelmingly and immediately Xiu Xiu."

80 % Exclaim
"Forget leaves us as one of the band’s tightest and most consistent works yet, its grimness belied yet also supported by the impeccable pop framework sustained throughout."

80 % PopMatters
"Forget doesn’t mean that Xiu Xiu has ignored its past; actually, it’s a project that fans are more likely to remember."

75 % The A.V. Club
"FORGET sets out for new terrain with an expanded collection of collaborators, but isn’t far from what you’d expect from the project at this stage."

70 % Spin
"It more effectively manages to capture the chaos associated with some of this band's other records and focuses their intensity into a more cathartic experience for the listener. [Jan-Mar 2017, p.68]"

70 % Under The Radar
"Individual moments shine throughout FORGET: a stunning chorus here, a stirring lick of pitched percussion there. But the album’s strangest attribute is the way it can lull you into a state of absentmindedness regarding those same charms."

64 % Pitchfork

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