LATEST songs

New song, Pop/Electropop

Kirsten Arian Invincible

Can Kirsten Arian compete with Tegan and Sara's "Everything is AWESOME" from the first Lego Movie?

New song, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Mastodon Show Yourself

Check out new Mastodon Song, “Show Yourself”. New Album 'Emperor of Sand' available March 31.

New song, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Korn Insane

Here's a new track from Korn's upcoming new album. It's called "Insane" and it's solid Korn material. Nothing more, nothing less.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Amanda Palmer Purple Rain (Prince cover)

Ugh, Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff have once more teamed up to hit you right in the stomach. This time they string-quartet Prince's "Purple Rain".


New song, Hip Hop/Reggae

Die Antwoord Bum Bum ft. God

So, here's a a "romantic spanish porno rap adventure" by Die Antwoord via the duo's new track "Bum Bum ft. God".

New song, Pop/Electropop

Tegan And Sara Stop Desire

Tegan And Sara (yeah, the girls with that Lego movie song) are about to return with a new album and this is a new single called "Stop Desire".

New song, Pop/Electropop

Metronomy Old Skool

Metronomy are back with a new single called "Old Skool". Listen to the track and watch the video.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Radiohead Daydreaming

As Radiohead have announced their LP9 für 8th of May, the band also releases another single called "Daydreaming".

New song, Classic

Jherek Bischoff Cistern

Jherek Bischoff, a great guy, great musician and fellow companion of the great Amanda Palmer, will release a new album called "Cistern" soon. This is the title track.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Alicia Keys In Common

I must not lie. I'm surprised and impressed by the new single "In Common" by Alicia Keys. It's nothing I would have expected from her.

New song, Pop/Electropop

Radiohead Burn The Witch

After 2 days of guessing and speculating, teasing and shmeasing Radiohead have finally returned with a new song called "Burn the Witch" - listen!

New song, Pop/Electropop

Paul Simon Cool Papa Bell

Did Paul Simon just sing "Motherf..."??? What's going on on here? Check out the man's new song "Cool Papa Bell"!

New song, Pop/Electropop

Ardyn Over The River

Popmusic of a broader scope is always welcome here, so please listen to brother-sister pop duo Ardyn offering a video to the song "Over The River".

New song, Rock/Alternative

Blink 182 Bored to Death

As Blink 182 announce a new album called "California" the punk-rock veterans debut a new single called "Bored to Death". Listen!